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Give Them a Brake Driver Education Brakes

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We are driver education brake professionals.  Our only focus is to provide innovative dual-brake solutions for professional instructors and parents teaching kids.  Our systems are designed to provide lasting value, ease of installation, and quality construction.  We top it all off with exceptional customer service and a lifetime warranty.  We give you our best because you deserve the best.

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Give Them a Brake Driver Education Brakes focuses on designing and selling safe, high-quality passenger side brakes or driver education brakes with unique designs for parents teaching kids and professional instructors at public and private schools.


With a fleet of 11 vehicles and two other brake systems, we've had a bit of experience with other types of instructor brakes.... Our mechanic had no troubles installing the brake. It looks great. It works very well and is the least intrusive system we've used.

Mark Primack, Primo Driving Schools

I found the design of the brake superior to other brakes I have installed in the past. Installation is simple and easy on even the most compact cars where mounting locations can be limited.

Derek Larson, Chinook School Division

We have been in business for a decade and have used competitors' brakes in the past. This is by far the best designed brake and feels better when depressed.

Jeanelle Hillman, Just Drive Right Driving School