SafeDrive Screwless T-Mount
SafeDrive Screwless T-Mount
SafeDrive Screwless T-Mount
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Pro Screwless T-Mount
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Pro Screwless T-Mount

SafeDrive Screwless T-Mount

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We've made the easiest dual-brake install even easier!  The SafeDrive Pro Screwless T-Mount makes installing your SafeDrive Pro or SafeDrive Pro Plus a snap.  No need to pull up the carpet before bolting it into the floor.  Also, some hybrid or electric cars have battery packs under the passengers seat area while others could have thick insulation making it difficult to reach the metal floor.

The SafeDrive Pro Screwless T-Mount comes with four high-quality, painted steel frame's that match our pedal kits perfectly in color and strength.

Please note that this system is not universal due to the many variances in passenger seat design.  In many cases it will fit out of the box, in others, you may need to do some minor field modifications.  The steel parts are thick enough to provide sturdy support and flexible enough for a custom install.  Take a look at your passenger seat and the example photo and understand your installation before purchasing.  Or, send us a picture and we'll be happy to provide advice.

Give yourself a "brake" and save time and effort with your next installation by using the SafeDrive Pro Screwless T-Mount.

Click HERE for installation instructions.

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Ferguson
Installed T-bar

A couple of bends to tweak it in place and it worked fine

Michael Nemmers
SafeDrive Screwless T-Mount Issues on a Ford Explorer Sport

This installation on my 1999 Ford Explorer Sport was very challenging for the following three reasons:

1) the seat bolts on my passenger seat were not mounted perpendicular with the floor as shown on the "Safedrive T-Mount Installation Instructions" but rather at about an 55 degree angle to the floor so that the flat T-Mount bars would not fit. So to improvise, I had to procure a pair of 45 degree aluminum mounting brackets along with a pair of 5/16" grade 8 bolts & nuts to mount the T-Mount bars and 45 degree brackets to the existing passenger seat bolts. I also had to bend the 45 degree offset angle on the T-Mount base to a more obtuse angle so it would connect with the top of the T-Mount bar (note only one not both, see next item).

2) Because the passenger seat was so narrow, I only had room to use one of the T-Mount bars not both. I had to drill out the 1/4" sized slot to a slightly bigger hole so I could bolt the top of the T-Mount bar to the T-Mount base.

3) I had to shorten up the T-Mount Base by overlapping the bar and drilling out a different located second hole.

Thanks for leaving a review and especially the pictures of the installation. On some vehicles, the T-Mount is a perfect fit and others, field modifications are necessary. The metal on the T-Mount is designed to be bent into shape. It is thick enough to remain very stable, but thin enough to be bent to shape if needed.

This is a great solution to get the T-Mount to fit out of the box. You could have also bent the base bar of the T-Mount to achieve the 45 degree angle needed. Using a vice is the easiest way to straighten out bends and put them in, but it can also be done by bending it by hand using channel-locks or laying the bar on flat ground, sandwiching it between cardboard, and then hammer it flat.

Having to do some field modifications is typical with the T-Mount, and even then it still typically saves time on the installation. It also avoids putting bolt holes into the passenger seat floor.

Always feel free to send us pictures of your vehicle's passenger seat floor bolts and we'll be happy to assess your installation before you make the purchase.

Felicia Guidry

The brakes and connecters work so good. I'm glad I bought it. Helps a lot on my route.

Bruce Garwood

Could not use t mount. The the flooring under the seat would not allow for it to lay flat.

Needs another brace

Another brace could be helpful to stabilize it more on different vehicles. It’s a bit wobbly