SafeDrive Screwless T-Mount
SafeDrive Screwless T-Mount
SafeDrive Screwless T-Mount
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Pro Screwless T-Mount
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Pro Screwless T-Mount

SafeDrive Screwless T-Mount

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We've made the easiest dual-brake install even easier!  The SafeDrive Pro Screwless T-Mount makes installing your SafeDrive Pro or SafeDrive Pro Plus a snap.  No need to pull up the carpet before bolting it into the floor.  Also, some hybrid or electric cars have battery packs under the passengers seat area while others could have thick insulation making it difficult to reach the metal floor.

The SafeDrive Pro Screwless T-Mount comes with four high-quality, painted steel frame's that match our pedal kits perfectly in color and strength.

Please note that this system is not universal due to the many variances in passenger seat design.  In many cases it will fit out of the box, in others, you may need to do some minor field modifications.  The steel parts are thick enough to provide sturdy support and flexible enough for a custom install.  Take a look at your passenger seat and the example photo and understand your installation before purchasing.  Or, send us a picture and we'll be happy to provide advice.

Give yourself a "brake" and save time and effort with your next installation by using the SafeDrive Pro Screwless T-Mount.

Click HERE for installation instructions.

Customer Reviews

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James Breen
Happy to have found these brakes!

With it becoming more difficult to drill into the floor boards, this brackets saved me time and money on installation!

Shane Brown
Overall a nice kit

Ok, I bought the pro plus kit to put into a 2006 Toyota 4runner to use for a rural mail route. Overall I like the kit. Here are my pros and cons:
1. The brake cable is a foot too short to loop around behind the pedal kit on the right side and then under the dash to the driver side.
2. The hole in the anchors under the existing brake and gas pedals should be horizontally drilled through the bolt instead of vertically. It's nearly impossible to thread the brake cable through after the mounts are installed.
3. The pedals are definitely stiffer to operate than what your used to. I've been using it for a couple of weeks and I'm used to it now but at first it seems "different".
1. I like the compactness of the kit. You have more room to stretch out your legs with this kit than my other kit.
2. I like the optional t bar kit for mounting the pedals without drilling through the floor.
Overall I had to do some extra fabricating/altering of the brackets and I had to put a 1 1/2" spacer between the top of my gas pedal and the cable bracket otherwise it was too close to the floor where the anchor was mounted. If you are somewhat handy you can make it work out. Definitely not as easy to install as the other brand I have but I like it's compactness.

Gala Zander.
Steering stick

It very difficult to use. I'm sure with alot of practice you could get used to it.

Andrew Ferguson
Installed T-bar

A couple of bends to tweak it in place and it worked fine