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Why We Do It

We know what it's like teaching someone how to drive because we've been there. Learning to drive is stressful.  Even a minor accident can be expensive to repair and more importantly, devastating to a learner's confidence.

Making the experience better is what we are all about at Give Them a Brake.  We want you and your student to be successful and safe.  Thanks for visiting! 

Our Mission

Deliver a great driver education experience by providing exceptional tools that make driver training safer and more effective for both the student and instructor. We promise to provide a customer centered environment that is positive, helpful, and friendly and to focus our resources to improve the driver training experience.

Keep in Touch

We're passionate about our driver education brakes and confident you will love them.  Feel free to call or send us an email.  We'd love to talk about our design and answer any questions.  Even if you are performing an installation after hours or the weekend, we'll make ourselves available to help!

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