Gas Brake Solution Using Two SafeDrive Pro's

Before we started offering the SafeDrive Pro Plus which has an integrated brake and gas pedal, postal carriers were sending us pictures of how they were using two brake pedals to accomplish the same thing.  Using one to control the brake of the car, and the other to control the gas pedal.

Here is a picture one of our customers sent us using this configuration:

Using Two SafeDrive Pro's for a Brake and Gas Solution

If you use the coupon code:  TWOBRAKE, we will discount the price of two SafeDrive Pro brake pedals by $160.00.  Just add two SafeDrive Pro brake pedals to your cart and then use the code TWOBRAKE at checkout.

In addition to the discount, we will also include additional hardware to make the connection to your gas pedal easier.  This hardware is the same equipment included in the SafeDrive Pro Plus for the "Optional Gas Pedal Installation".  While some vehicles might be able to use the clamp that typically attaches to the brake pedal for their gas pedal, the Optional Gas Pedal Installation kit you will receive will work for all vehicles.

Lastly, the kit will include full-color instructions for the SafeDrive Pro as well as the full-color instructions for the SafeDrive Pro Plus.  This solution will not work with our T-Mount solution, you will need to bolt the pedals into the floor.

This offer may end at any time.