What makes the best driver education brake design?

We've listened to hundreds of instructors and school owners to make sure our design and service meets your needs.


A dual-brake needs to be solidly constructed and dependable.  Every part of our dual-brake is over-engineered for a secure, confident ride.  We used thicker steel, double-welds, redundant return springs, strong steel cable, reinforced conduit, stringent testing requirements, and a baked on finish to make it last.  We also include an easily removed and replaced security pin to lock the brake pedal when not used for training.

Responsive Feel:

Our design minimizes the use of our one pulley solution because every pulley in the cable path creates added resistance, less feel, and additional cable wear.  We use high-quality, sealed bearings to make the pivot as smooth as possible.  From minor brake checks to full-blown emergency stops, you'll feel like you were in the drivers seat.


Easy installation, minimizing space requirements, and high-performance and feel are keys to a successful design.  Due to smaller cars and their tighter spaces, the design needs to be universal and work around obstructions.  We've heard from countless customers struggling to mount a large pulley and cable behind the car's brake pedal.  Or, the inability to drill into the passenger side floor for multiple reasons.  Our patented solutions address these problems.  Regardless of how tight the space is behind the brake pedal, our unique system is easily installed without sacrificing performance and feel.


From our 14-point quality control process and all steel construction to adding optional features you requested.  Every step in our process is based on providing you an exceptional experience.  Our design has undergone stringent mechanical testing achieving 220,000 brake applications before failure.  That's more than 10 presses an hour, 10 hours a day, every day, for six years.  We worked hard and aimed high to design a fantastic dual-brake that will last and perform when needed.

Fast, Easy Installation:

The easier the installation, the less time and cost to get your vehicle equipped and on the road.  We provide full-color instructions, an installation video, and exceptional, live support when you need us.  Don't take our word for it, read the product reviews from our customers.  Our simple and effective design makes installation a snap.  Installers constantly tell us it is the easiest, least intrusive dual-brake install they ever performed.

Passenger Side Space:

Space for the passengers feet can be a real challenge if there's a large brake system installed, this is especially true for taller instructors trying to fit into a smaller car.  We've minimized the size of our design to maximize space for the passengers feet.  It's also why we made our optional Foot Rest detachable so if you're rotating drivers in and out of cars, they can all have the room they need.

Good Looks:

First impressions mean a lot.  You want your students to be impressed from the moment they sit in the car.  The SafeDrive Pro has clean lines, a rich black finish and chrome highlights.  It looks great and will make your school look that much better!

Service and Support:

When cars are out of service, student schedules are impacted, and you need a brake fast, your access to sales and technical support is critical.  We pride ourselves on same day shipping and installation support is available when you need it, even in the evenings or weekends.  Your 100% satisfaction is our goal!

Lifetime Warranty:

A manufacturer should stand behind their product.  We're confident in our workmanship and provide a lifetime warranty with your purchase.  We'll also remind you to replace your cable every two years which ensures your safety and keeps your warranty in place.  Lastly, we warranty the price of your maintenance kit not to change over the life of your SafeDrive Pro.

Foot Rest (optional):

Instructors with iffy students typically hover their foot over the brake to be prepared.  A properly positioned foot rest will provide comfort and retain the ability to react.  Our foot rest is full-size and located where the gas pedal would be for a natural and responsive "muscle memory" movement to the brake.  Our foot rest is also fully adjustable on the fly for a custom fit.    Do you wear a size 14 shoe?  Not a problem.  Quickly remove the foot rest with a single hand screw and free up the extra floor space.

Screwless T-Mount (optional):

The T-Mount provides an optional way to install your SafeDrive Pro without having to bolt it to the floor.  Auto manufacturers are installing thicker insulation into the passenger floorboard to dampen engine and road noise making it very difficult and time consuming to access the firewall under the carpet.  Additionally, some hybrid/electric cars have battery packs installed in these areas as well.  This can make it a challenge to install any dual-brake system on the market today.  Now there's no need to bolt into the floor.  The adjustable T-Mount attaches to existing bolts of the front passenger seat making it a snap to install your dual-brake.

SafeDrive Pro with Optional T-Mount and Foot Rest