Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Home™ Passenger Brake System
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Home™ Passenger Brake System
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Home™ Passenger Brake System
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Home™ Passenger Brake System
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Home™ Passenger Brake System

SafeDrive Home™ Passenger Brake System

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The SafeDrive Home™ Passenger Brake System is our parent-friendly driver education brake.  This system is not designed for the rigorous requirements and demands of a driving school, but is perfect for parents or friends teaching new drivers looking to share brake control.  Be there to provide that little extra help when needed!

The system is designed for a flexible installation that will fit all vehicles.  After installation, a simple pull on the T-Handle will apply the cars brake.  This design is acceptable for all testing locations and complies with regulations for cities requiring a passenger side control over the brake pedal for driving instruction.

All orders come with our comprehensive, full-color, installation instructions, a "Student Driver" bumper sticker, and phone support.  See our video HERE for the operation and installation overview.

Many parents turn this into an educational installation project with their kids while others contacted the teacher of the local high-school auto shop class and found a gifted student to do the installation for a small fee.  If your a hands-on person, this is actually a fun little afternoon project.

Driving schools often purchase the SafeDrive Home™ Passenger Brake System in 9-packs and sell them to the parents of graduating students that need that extra training and aren't quite ready for hands-off control.  High schools also offer them in their book stores.  Contact your driving school and let them know.

Customer Reviews

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daniel mcgonagle
It did not fit in my 2014 Ford Edge

When the brake pedal is pushed to the floor it lines up with the steering column. The entire area around the steering column forms a bowl. There was no place to attach the flex bar or the pulley.

Edgar Silverman
Great value for the money

The idea is great. There are no real alternatives on the market today, so just for that reason I would recommend to buy this brakes. Other than that, definitely there is a room for improvement. Installation manual. It’s not as simple to install as as it might look on paper, unless your car has everything aligned for the designed. Unfortunately wasn’t in my case and I had to improvise. In general, the manual could do a better job. Materials. Everything feels strong, and I hope it is, but the way how the parts look and finished with not much attention to details feels like a philosophy behind manufacturing of this brakes is “it works, that's all what you need”, and it does. For a product that cost around $100 mark I would expect to be manufactured, look and feel more professional, more polished if you will, with more attention to details, including the manual.

Dave LeBlanc
Remarkable Customer Service

Wslas very surprised to deal not only with the owner but inventor of the product..
Very professional and personable...
More than offering with information on questions..
The braking system was so easy to install that I did it myself...and I'm not mechanically inclined...
I'm operating in Canada and Phil had my brake to me in 2 days like he said...
I showed my colleagues the brake and they were impressed with the compact structure compared to theirs...
They were even more impressed that this brake cost a fraction of the price...
Seeing the brake would sell itself...
I Thank Phil for everything !!!
You came true

Paul Pratchett

Good value, easy to fit product.
However, must follow installation instructions with regard to ensuring nothing will be damaged on reverse of firewall/underfloor when drilling and fitting screws.

Also some countries/states will not allow any modification to vehicle brake systems without approval, so take care on this point depending where vehicle is registered.

Teri Godsil
SafeDrive Home™ Passenger Brake System

Nice product, really helps with driver's education.