Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Pro Driver Education Brake
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Pro Driver Education Brake
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Pro Driver Education Brake
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Pro Driver Education Brake

SafeDrive Pro Driver Education Brake

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The SafeDrive Pro Driver Education Brake is a superior dual-brake designed for the professional driving instructor.  Everything about it is over-engineered for safety, security, and designed to last.  Even the red flag on the safety pin is made with a steel grommet and heavy-duty seat belt webbing.  Still not sure, well how does a Lifetime Warranty sound!  We stand behind it - check our Warranty link at the bottom of the page for details.

Pair the SafeDrive Pro Driver Education Brake up with the Screwless T-Mount and make the easiest install in dual-brakes even easier.  Or add the foot rest to make your training that much more comfortable.

The SafeDrive Pro Driver Education Brake comes complete with brake pedal as shown, brake pedal mount, cable, installation hardware, a full-color instruction manual, and installation support.  See the Instructions and Video's page for more details.

Customer Reviews

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Great Product

This is a great company with excellent products. Seller is very accommodating with special requests and product arrives promptly.

Phil's an amazing guy. Excellent product.

I purchased SafeDrive Pro via ebay for my dad who wanted to teach my mom how to drive again. My dad brought the product to a mechanic to install and, I'm assuming, the mechanic did not read the instructions and determined that SafeDrive Pro had an issue. Instead of contacting me, my dad decided to ship it back to sender.

I contacted the ebay seller, Phil, about the whole refund process since it was shipped already before anything.
Phil asked me what the issue was and the model of my dad's car. Phil assured me that it shouldn't be SafeDrive Pro that has an issue and he will look into the product once he receives it.

Couple days passed and Phil received the product. He told me the mechanic most likely installed it incorrectly and broke multiple parts. He offered to replace the parts and even personally install it for my dad. I thanked him for the personal installation offer and told him to ship it to my address so that I can install it for my dad instead.

I received the repaired SafeDrive Pro and installed it in my own car today to test it out. Worked flawlessly. Guess some mechanics do not read the instructions.

Thanks Phil!

Easy to install, Works Great!

Install was easy, Product is well built...I did not order the pedal to rest your foot on, but when the package arrived, they added it and a card thanking us for their business and they added the pedal free of charge!

Sturdy Brake and Excellent Customer Service

We have been in business for a decade and have used competitors' brakes in the past. This is by far the best designed brake and feels better when depressed. Installation took about the same time as the other installations, in part due to not being able to separate the brake and cable from the base plate (told so by mechanic). Shipping was very fast and a thank you card was attached. Pricing is affordable and competitive. Definitely will try your other products as well. Thank you so much.

Give me a brake

I ordered my brake system late Friday and paid for 2day shipping. I was impressed it arrived early afternoon Monday. Thank you!!
I rated it a 4 due to having to modify the system a tad bit and because it is very hard to press the brake pedal down on the passenger side. My wife says she gets a work out having to press the brake.
After installing the brake system.
The second day out on a driving lesson. The student made a very hard brake. The brake pedal then was stuck down. The cable on the drivers side. When the brake pedal was pushed down the cable that goes threw the pulley loops and got caught around the long bolts from the bracket that attaches to the brake pedal. For a quick fix I wrapped tape around both bolts so that the cable cant get caught around the bolts again.
I can see in the future due to that cable folding at the pulley everytime you press the brakes, it will break on the drivers side. The cable should slide back into the insulation like it does when you press the passenger side brakes. Thanks again. Other than that it works and very easy to install.

Thanks for your review David. Your feedback is very much appreciated. The Safedrive Pro has two, redundant springs so the cable always retracts. We do not rely on the car's brake pedal spring to retract our cable. This was designed to ensure the car's brake pedal never sticks down after applying the passenger side brake and thus burning out the cars brakes and a costly trip to the repair shop. To make it easier to apply the Safedrive Pro brake, you can remove one of the redundant springs. Remove the spring under the pivot point of our brake pedal simply by removing the screw and nut directly behind the safety pin with the red flag on it. Just make sure to test that the cable retracts properly and keep an eye on it. As for the cable bending when you press the car's brake pedal, you need not worry about the cable failing. It is designed this way and will last for many, many years without a fatigue failure. That said, normal maintenance requires the cable to be replaced at least every two years. I suspect the pulley clamp is installed too high on the brake pedal arm. That would account for the cable wrapping around the bolt and the stiffness. Please send a picture of the installation. I really want to make sure this isn't a continuing problem and if we need to make a design change, we certainly will. Again, great feedback! Additional Comment January 23, 2020: After testing multiple configurations, it was found that under specific conditions, it is possible for the cable to get caught on the lower bolt of the pulley mount which would leave the car's brake pedal partially applied. We have redesigned the part to eliminate the possibility of this happening. Although this is the only instance we are aware of this happening, safety and security is our top priority.