Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Pro with Foot Rest
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Pro with Foot Rest
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Pro with Foot Rest
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake - SafeDrive Pro with Foot Rest

SafeDrive Pro with Foot Rest

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Is your leg cramping from hovering over the brake pedal because of an iffy student driver?  The SafeDrive Pro with Foot Rest provides the ultimate in comfort.  The set includes the SafeDrive Pro brake system and the SafeDrive Pro Foot Rest.  Purchase the package together and save $'s.

The SafeDrive Pro Foot Rest reduces leg stress caused by "hovering" over the brake and is designed to simulate having your foot on the accelerator pedal which creates a natural motion from the foot rest to the brake.  Your student won't see you hovering either, which will ease their mind.

The SafeDrive Pro Foot Rest is fully adjustable with forward, backward, lower, higher, and 16 angle adjustments for a custom fit.  It is also easily removed in the event the instructor desires more foot room.

A superior driver education brake designed for the professional driving instructor.  The system incorporates a high-quality, easily maintained and installed, passenger side brake.  Everything about it is over-engineered and designed to last.  Even the red flag on the safety pin flag is made with a steel grommet and heavy-duty polyester seat belt webbing.  Still not sure, well how does a Lifetime Warranty sound!  We stand behind it - check our Warranty link at the bottom of the page for details.

The system comes complete with brake pedal as shown, foot rest, brake pedal pulley mount, cable, extra cable, mounting bolts, and a full-color instruction manual.

See the Instructions and Video's page for more details.

Customer Reviews

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Mike from MA
Never going back!!!

To the instructor brake style I USED to use that is. The Safe Drive Pro is exactly what we needed! It feels more like a brake, reaction time and holding power are the best out of the instructor brakes I have used. Price was reasonable for sure! I will DEFINATELY recommend this brake to my colleagues and will DEFINATELY be using the SAFE DRIVE PRO for all my new vehicles moving forward.

Dealing with the company itself was a great experience! They have a lot of knowledge about their brake system and are very helpful in the decision making process. Delivery was on time and everything is packaged in a nice box with everything you need.
So... Like I said, I am never going back to the old style brakes!

keith Kitcher
Great Product!

From the beginning, customer service was amazing. Very personable. Product arrived on time and was simple to install. We use it everyday and have no issues. Will certainly outfit our next Drivers Ed vehicle with same product and highly recommend others do the same.

Shavkat from Brooklyn
Great Product (Brake pedal with foot rest)

It was challenging to choose an instructor pedal for my new car. I was not happy with the pedals on my previous two driving school cars. And lucky me I’ve found this site, this company. The pedal works great. Good price. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to buy one.
I have just one negative remark: it was not easy to find the company on the internet.

Blaine Beaton
Great product

Just finish the install in my Jetta absolutely great product fantastic price I recommend for all driver training schools

Great Product / Great Support

I really like this product.
1 - the installation looks clean and professional even if I did it myself. It does not appear to be a hunk of metal on the passenger side.

2 - It gives plenty of room in a compact car. I've used other aux brakes previously and they all cramped the foot space on the passenger side, not this one.

3 - Ease of installation. If you are reasonably handy with a drill and a couple of wrenches you can do it yourself. Yes, it is a little cramped and thus uncomfortable working under the dash behind the brakes and steering column but, it is doable. Take your time, don't rush, read and follow the directions and you'll be okay. Don't follow the directions and you'll find yourself in a couple of "do-overs". (Trust me, that is what I did.)

4 - The company is there to held. If you get stuck, give them a call, send them pictures. They will get you unstuck.

FYI it took about 3 hours for me, I could do the next one in about half that time. Plus there was a good amount of "undo-redo" because I didn't follow the directions completely.
6 - They shipped a free replacement cable - because it should be inspected and replaced.

I will continue to use this company in the future.