Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake and Gas Postal Carrier RHD Conversion Kit Steering Stick
Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake and Gas Postal Carrier RHD Conversion Kit Steering Stick
Person using Give Them a Brake Drivers Education Brake and Gas Postal Carrier RHD Conversion Kit Steering Stick

SafeDrive Postal Steering Stick

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No more blown-out left shoulders from having to reach over to grab the wheel all day!  Introducing the SafeDrive Postal Steering Stick, a design based on feedback from dozens of mail carriers.  A simple to use and effective way to steer the car from the passenger's side, commonly known as RHD or Right Hand Drive.  You can even make complete left and right turns, just don't forget to hand signal!

Our new model is improved with a much easier way to connect and disconnect from the steering wheel.  With the simple push of a button, the stick disconnects from the attach point on the steering wheel and pops right back on when needed.  The ball handle makes a convenient grip and the flexible hinge-joint allows you to position your passengers seat forward or backward for greatest driving comfort.  It is made with lightweight aluminum alloy to minimize fatigue during a long day.

The system comes complete with full-color instructions, the 22 inch long steering stick, a 9 inch extension (if you prefer to drive with your right hand or have a wide cab), the steering wheel clamp attachment, two sets of screws for various thicknesses of steering wheels, rubber spacers for added grip, and an allen wrench.  There's nothing else you need for installation.  Just put the attachment on the lower part of your steering wheel, tighten the two screws with the allen wrench, pop on the stick and you're good to go.

After training for a short time (it took us about 15 minutes), you could easily drive the car from mailbox to mailbox.  Turns do take a little more practice to get used to and using two hands on the stick was the trick.  We sure had fun watching the reaction on people's faces as we drove by!

Click here for installation instructions.

Customer Reviews

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It would b nice if you could have a place to put the stick when u get in and out like a hook

Awesome tool for delivery

I’m in my backup vehicle for the last 3 months. I should have ordered this gadget a long time ago. It’s definitely worth the money!!! Would invest again if needed.


The best money I could have ever spent on myself. It is perfect for passenger seat driving. I’m in and out of mailboxes with speed and accuracy. Thank you so much!!

Company that goes above and beyond

I ordered the steering stick during the pandemic. That being said there was a delay in delivery due to the supplier. I emailed the company with my concerns about getting it on time for my inspection and test. Phil took the time to call me directly and explain to me that it was still on a train and would need to be put on a truck and delivered to them before they could delivered it to me. I expressed my fear that it would not reach me in time. Well the next day Phil called me back and said that someone had returned one and he would overnight it to me to insure that I had it in time for my inspection and test. What a great guy!! I received it the next day. Easy to install. Practiced with it for a while and am happy to say that it works GREAT!! Easy to get used to. My thanks go out to Phil and the whole company for taking such good care of me and my situation. A+++++ support!!

The New Guy

What a great product ! I just started working for the USPS as a rural carriers. Lots of things to learn, memorize, and worry about as a new employee. I purchased the steer stick, ( thank you for the extension included), and also the gas and brake set up for the passenger side of my car. All of the old timers looked at me like I was nuts. Not quite as crazy as driving your car from the middle with your left foot for brake and pedal. Now I think that is nuts. I am NO mechanic and I installed everything myself. The steer stick handles great, but definitely not for high speeds or heavy traffic.( Use your head). If you are on the fence about purchasing this product, do not be. Well worth the money and it will pay for itself in a short period of time.